What I do



Reaching out for support can be difficult.  It takes courage to begin to look at what is causing our pain and trust that another person can help us. I use a compassionate and integral approach to therapy that honors and recognizes the relationship between the mind, body and spirit. I find strength and joy in working with people in an authentic way that helps them heal and discover what is possible in their lives.

I am also a proud member of many communities and hold many identities such as Queer, Femme, Intersex, and Mixed race.  I beleive we each hold multitudes and I work with how each of those identities and our experiences intersect one another in our lives.  I offer help around the following:

  •      Depression

  •      Anxiety and stress

  •      Trauma  

  •      Intimate partner/relationship Abuse

  •       Family of Origin Concerns

  •       Relationship/Couples  counseling 

  •       Open/poly relationships

  •       Gender and identity 

  •       Intersex identity and trauma

  •       Sexuality including BDSM and Sex Work

  •       Asexual/Ace/Gray/Demisexual

  •      Trauma/stress from oppression/minority status​​

  •       Activist care and burn out

At this time I am unable to accept insurance.  My fees range from  $60-150 for 50 minute, weekly, individual sessions.  Fees for couples, longer sessions, or other arrangements will vary.

Please contact me to set up a free 20 minute initial phone session.



Most of us strive for connection, but yet intimate connection can sometimes be fraught with complications and disappointments, even pain. 

For over twenty years I have worked in the fields of Sexual Health and Relationship Education.  I am a Certified Sexual Health Educator and STI/HIV Prevention Educator.  I have also worked in the field of Rape/Sexual Assault and Intimate Partner Violence Prevention Education.  I speak with aplomb yet have compassion and care for intimate discussions.

I work with individuals, couples or groups of any size.  I work with both adults and youth giving presentations and workshops over the following subjects or custom prepare a presentation:

  •     Pleasure anatomy and physiology​

  •     Expanding attitudes and ideas around sexuality

  •     Communication in an intimate relationship

  •     Exploring desires and setting boundaries

  •     Sexual education specifically designed for trans and intersex         communities

Please contact me if you have further questions and for rates.